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Support for Rojava

Haco, born in 1878 in Turkey and emigrated to Syria „Rojava“ in 1926, was a famous person for his work to create peace in the area and help poor families. Through his organization that he created, he saved thousands of people from starvation. Then he shared his land with the villagers to create jobs and livelihoods for many families.

Haco III
Haco, seated, surrounded by known personalities who were active in the work to help victims and create peace.

Our Mission

Many people have died and are still dying in the ongoing war in Syria. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes to seek refugee both within Syria, but also in the bordering countries. With the huge amount of families living on the run, the number of children who are missing access to school is even bigger. One of our goals is to provide these families economically so that their children can have the chance at education.

All of the members in The Haco Foundation are living outside of Syria, far away from the horrific reality of war, and their one common goal is to help the families who are forced to face the battle of survival everyday. By donating a voluntary amount of money each month, not only can we help fight the misery of poverty, but we can help save lives.

Poor kids

How we work

We have a committee of five persons elected by the members of the foundation.

The committee is in charge of evaluating and choosing cases each month, that match the criteria for receiving aid funded by The Haco Foundation.

Our first hand volunteers in Rojava help with the practical implementation of the charity, making sure the families are provided with the suitable form of aid.

Support now

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Poor Kids


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